Dear Mr. Hedgehog Poem

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Dear Mr. Hedgehog (Karen DeBiasse-1/3/14 ©)   A tiny animals birth Appears on planet earth HIs name is Mister Hedgehog He wears a prickly shirt   Through brush and rocks and termite mounds This Hedgehog he does go His wobbly legs His sticky spines His pointy black tipped nose   Hello there Mister Hedgehog  You’re out so late tonight I slept all day and now i’m off  To go out for a bite   Where will you go this morning Once dined on grubs and worms Be resting in my burrow  Where I choose to be alone   He waddles through a garden  He waddles past a tree His teeth are pearly white His black eyes barely see   Just go on with my business  Get by without much strife I dug a cozy home  I live a simple life   I’m happy down here resting  Will stay...

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Safe Food List for Hedgehogs

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Bonding with your Hedgehog

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Bonding With Your Hedgehog Introduction Bonding with your hedgehog helps to create an attachment between you and your pet. The more the attachment develops between you and your hedgehog the more you will grow to love and enjoy your pet. Bonding does require effort, persistence, and an understanding of hedgehogs for the strongest attachment bonds. Hedgehogs have poor eyesight so using its other senses will increase bonding effectiveness. Through Scent Hedgehogs have a great sense of smell so it is important to get the hedgehog used to your scent. One way to get a hedgehog used to your sent is to sleep in a t-shirt for several nights or wear one all day (without washing it) then drape the t-shirt over the hedgehog’s cage. We suggest sleeping with a piece of fleece...

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When to take your hedgehog to the vet

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Vet care can be expensive and many hedgehog owners I have talked to are reluctant to take their hedgie to the vet for fear of running up high bills when there really isn’t a problem. The list below is by no means exhaustive, but includes some common situations where people often have to decide whether or not to take the hedgie to the vet. The rule of thumb I use is: when in doubt, go! Hedgehogs often don’t show signs of illness until they are quite sick, so fast action can often make quite a difference. Here are some situations people frequently ask me about, and the decision process I go through: 1. My hedgie is acting funny. Behavioral changes are often an important clue. If an ordinarily friendly hedgie suddenly becomes a grouch, or a hedgie who is...

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Hedgehogs in the Wild

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Hedgehogs are an extremely versatile and adaptable animal that can be found in large areas of the world. They are native to Asia, Africa, Europe and Great Britain. They have been successfully introduced to some of Britain’s northerly islands as well as to New Zealand. Hedgehogs are most closely related to the shrew family and despite their slight similarity, they are totally unrelated to porcupines. Other hedgehog-related species include tenrecs, a spiny, near look-alike animal found on the island of Madagascar, as as well as moonrats, the hairy hedgehog of South-East Asia. Considering the wide area across which these animals are distributed, it is of little wonder that there are a total of 14 species and four genera of hedgehogs. From animals that weigh a...

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