My Herd

These are my personal “family”. ¬†They are not for sale, sorry ūüėČ

My Boys



Onyx is such an amazing hog. He came from Happy Hogs in Texas and I’m so happy to have him. He is a gorgeous black with dark badger stripes.¬† His has an amazingly sweet personality and is very outgoing and playful. Onyx produces dark faces and colors and they all have his great temperament.

Sire: SHH Trial Salem HHT
Dam: KNT Egyptian Lily HHT
DOB: 6/4/13

Coloring: Black with Badger Stripes.


Mushu 1   


Mushu came from Silver State Quills in Nevada. He has a silly personality and his favorite thing to do is run on his wheel. His Platinum coloring and dark mask are exciting to have in the herd. He is also Blood brother to Venellope.

Sire: FHF Valentine Confetti
Dam: HHT Artimus Claydol
DOB: 9/1/14

Coloring: platinum

 Gus Gus

Gus Gus

Sire: Onyx
Dam: Pumpkin Spice
DOB: 11/09/2016

Coloring: Dark Grey



Pascal is a sweet souled hedgie and I am so excited to have him in my herd. His mask is super unique and I’m thrilled to see what he may produce. He loves his meal worms, getting face rubs and is just an all around good boy. Sire: FHF Abbadon
Dam: HHT Cleopatra
DOB: 8/23/14
Coloring: Dark Grey with heavy blaze mask and eye liner

The Girls

Little foot

Little Foot

Born here she is a very sweet girl and loves to be active and play. My first reverse pinto and love her white face.

Sire: Pascal
Dam: Dot

Coloring: Reverse pinto/ Ruby eyes



 Brand new and only 6 weeks old.  could not help keep with that cute nose, more info to come

Sire: SSQ Pascal
Dam: GFH Karma
DOB: 05/25/2016

Coloring:Pinto with blaze face



Sire: Buddah Belly

Dam: Mouse

DOB: 4/27/2016

Coloring: Charcoal white

 Toy Story

 Toy Story

Sire: Woody

Dam: Ivy

DOB 11/22/15

Coloring: Pinto with split face



Sire: Calahan

Dam:Coco Butter


Coloring: Cinnamon


Vera 3



Sire: MCH Pongo
Dam: HHT Dot
DOB: 6/22/2014

Coloring: High White Pinto


 Coral Hedgie


Sire: Kenai

Dam: Dory

DOB: 9/18/16

Coloring: Reverse Pinto



Sire: FHF Valentine Confetti
Dam: HHT Artimus Claydol
DOB: 9/1/14


Coloring: Heavy Brown Snowflake



Karma is a fiery girl with a bold personality. She loves to carry her toys around but is not always a fan of cuddling. We love her beautiful dark mask.


Sire: Mushu
Dam: HHT Dot
DOB: 4/7/15

Coloring: Black snowflake with badger stripes.