Available Adults

We will at times have Adults available for adoption. We also work to rescue and re-home hedgehogs. If you have a hedgehog you can no longer care for, please contact us. We care deeply about your little quilled friends and will use all our resources to try and help any in need.Other then Rescues, retirees can also become available.Adults have there perks and can be a great way to go.Feel free to contact me if you need any additional information or would like to come meet any hedgie posted on this page.



PLEASE EMAIL for more information on the the adults we have available.

Here is information on the adult hedgehogs we have available. You do need to complete my questionnaire if you have not already. I do have pictures as well if you want to see anyone. These adults are for pet homes only and not breeding. I will set up home visits once approved but please only if you are serious about bring one home. Most of these girls are shy and timid around people and need the right home to love and care for them.


Karma was born 4/17/2015 She is a dark grey with a little pinto spots, she has a very dark face. She is shy but does come out to see you. She loves to run around and play just can be huffy and shy with handling. She is free but need a nail trim and normally I have to have vet do her because she’s so huffy with handling. May warm up more if you work with her alot. Free to the perfect home or donation to help future rescues


Venellope was born 9/1/2014. She is a snowflake with a dark brown face. She is also shy and really prefers not to be handled. She loves to come out when you feed her and she enjoys playing in her playarea even when your around. She great for someone that might not have alot of time to handle her but still can enjoy her company. She can be very huffy puffy about handling. She is free to the perfect home or donation to help future rescues.

Vera: Born 2014, She is a high white pinto

Vera is a pretty social girl and will come out and say hi. She is a bitter though and loves to lick and bit your fingers. She gloves are a must for her. She does have a sensitive stomach and needs a  mixture or food to keep her from throwing up. She loves to run and is very active.  You can handle her with gloves just fine. She is free to good home or donation to help future rescues.

Vera 3
Padme: She was born 9/15/2016

She is a very dark grey girl. Very cute face when she shows it. She is very very shy with handling and really does not unball much when you are holding her. She will come out eventually in her play area. She never settled down after coming from Texas breeder so I wont breed her. Still young some maybe with constant handling she would come around. She is free to a good home or donation to help future rescues. She really is a sweet girl just very fearful of people.

N’Awlins 3/10/2016

She is a very dark girl with a dark face. She can be a  little grumpy but overall is not bad once she gets just to you. Definitely can be shy but will unball and let you hold her. She is also young so i think she will bond closely with a new family and do very well. She only drinks from a water bowl so breeding her is not a option. She is $50 adoption fee.