Handmade Hedgehog Supplies

Hedgehog Tunnels are 14in long, they are reversible and machine washable(we do recommend air dry or low heat). Also they stay open on there own due to an extra piece we sew in.  Made with fleece and flannel

My hedgehogs love them.

They are $15 dollars each (does not include shipping) below are the pattens available, they are flipped so you can see each pattern. E-mail me if you are looking for something in particular or would like to place an order. Current fleece listed on my facebook page.























Hedgehog Snuggle Bags- Great way to bold with your hedgie, they also like to sleep and snuggle in them. My hogs use these in there cages instead of sleeping huts. They work wonderful both in and out of the cage. They are also machine washable and made from durable fleece. Can do special orders and can also make different sizes. Price range $10-$12 depending on size. Email me if you would like to order, check out my facebook page current patterns available.








These are med size and are $10 each(the one on the right shows it open)